The 1-Page Notion Book Planner


Based on Ali Abdaal's Method

On his video "How I Remember Everything I Read"

There is a horrible problem that has always tormented every reader out there and you probably have suffered from that in your life!

Most people read books, but they don't really understand what to do with that information.

Let me ask you one question:

➜ Can you remember the main concepts of the 5 previous books you've read?

I guess you can't. But don't worry, most people can't do that and that's why this is such a problem.

But there is a solution for that!

The only reason why you can't remember the things you've learned is because You Don't Have A System.

Your brain was created to produce ideas, not to hold them

So, in order to solve that problem, i created a Notion Template that's specially designed for you to read much more efficiently!

You might be wondering:

But i already know how to read!

That's what most people think and that's a really dangerous trap to fall into.

The truth is: If you don't have a place to storage your information, you'll just forget it.

How can this template change my life?

this template is the definition of simple, yet effective!


Is it safe to buy this template?

Yes. This template is brought to you by Gumroad, which uses data encryption to protect your information.

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What if i don't read a lot?

Not a problem! This template is the ideal way for you to start your reading habits.

Can a template be good with only 1 page?

Of course. Actually, the intention of this template is to give you everything you need to know in as little time as possible

Which means: no matter who you are or where you live, you can totally benefit from this template!

Since Notion templates can be duplicated to your workspace, I have a no-returns policy for templates.

Once you buy the template, it's only yours and you're not allowed to share it.

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The 1-Page Notion Book Planner

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