Notion Study Dashboard


This is a simple, intuitive and stunning template made specifically for learners.

The Notion template is excellent for anyone interested in learning or achieving their goals.

You can learn twice as fast in only half of the time. You can totally benefit from using this template, because it was made for you!

You'll learn a lot faster by only focusing on the most important things and forget about boring stuff.

If you struggle with motivation and always dream of getting more out of every hour you spend studying, then this template will change your learning experience forever!

The Study dashboard is an easy to use system that can help you learn faster and stay focused. Learning with this template is effective and super simple.

With features that make your life easier, such as calendar-based tasks, task priorities and sub-tasks; this template will literally change the way you learn!

Now, go ahead and try it out today!

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Since Notion templates can be duplicated to your workspace, I have a no-returns policy for templates.

Once you buy the template, it's only yours and you're not allowed to share it.

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Notion Study Dashboard

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