The Ultimate Notion Daily Planner


Conquer your day, conquer your life

Have you ever felt lost with so many activities to do in only 1 day?

Does it feel like that the day doesn’t have enough hours?

I know how that feels like, i’ve been there.

But then i found out the one thing that completely changes the game.

When that happened, i started to see some changes:

  • Getting things done in far less time than before
  • Being praised by everyone around me
  • Peope asking me how i was so productive

The truth is: there is one simple thing that anyone can do to see massive improvements:

Plan out the day

You might be thinking: it can’t be that simple!

But i actually came up with a simple Notion Template that has a step by step guide so that any kind of person can have the previous benefits, not only that, but also:

✔️ Start today and get results fast

✔️ Know exactly what you need to do during the day

✔️ Organize every aspect of life

Who is this template for?

  1. People that want to organize their lives even without previous experience
  2. People that want to have more time in a day even if you have a busy schedule
  3. People that want to accomplish twice as much work with half of the effort.

What can the template do for you?

➡️ Guide you with a begginer-friendly interface

➡️ Show you how to direct your energy towards the right goals

➡️ Give you full feedback of how much progress you’re making

Now that you all of that, the choice is yours, you can either: embrace the opportunity or keep on without the benefits.


Is it safe to buy this template?

Yes. This template is brought to you by Gumroad, which uses data encryption to protect your information.

Do i need to have previous experince with Notion?

Not necessarily. All you need is your own account and you’re good to go. The interface was specially designed so that you’ll never feel lost.

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Since Notion templates can be duplicated to your workspace, I have a no-returns policy for templates.

Once you buy the template, it's only yours and you're not allowed to share it.

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The Ultimate Notion Daily Planner

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