Minimalist Bullet Journal Template


"Track the past. Organize the present. Design the future." - Ryder Carroll

Have you ever felt that you’re not the one in control of your life?

What about those days that you promised “This time, it’s gonna be different”. But then…It wasn’t.

You should know about one thing: many people had that same problem.

And, fortunately, there is a solution for that!

There is a way for you to:

  • Understand your past mistakes
  • Find out exactly how to change your life right now
  • Plan and actually accomplish the goals you’ve set

If you’ve never heard of it: The Bullet Journal Method is an evidence-based technique used by many people around the world.

With this method, people actually improved their lives through:

  1. Time Management
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Productivity (in the right way!)

And the best part is that i created a Template that can help you achieve all of the benefits with no more than 5 minutes a day.

Who is this template for?

  • Focused people that want to change their lives
  • Creative people that need something to help them unleash all of their creativity


Is it safe to buy this template?

Yes. This template is brought to you by Gumroad, which uses data encryption to protect your information.

Do i need any sort of previous experience to use the Template?

All you need is your own Notion account. That’s it.

If you don't have a Notion account, Click Here To Create One

Is this method legit?

Yes. It has been around for a lot of time and it has improved over time to help any kind of person to achieve any sort of goal in an organized way.

Since Notion templates can be duplicated to your workspace, I have a no-returns policy for templates. Once you buy the template, it's only yours and you're not allowed to share it.

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Minimalist Bullet Journal Template

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